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SME Lightning Protection a trusted SABS - ISO9001:2015 certified industry specialist, proudly offers an innovating risk management, maintenance and support program called the RMS Program for Industries.

The lightning ground flash density clearly indicates the increasing risk of lightning strikes causing potential loss of life, damage to structures and equipment. The drastic impact of a potential lightning strike also further causes significant industry risks with safety incidents and investigations, production down-time and unplanned financial losses.


All industries are at risk of potential lightning strikes and indirect electrical damages and therefore a clear risk management, maintenance and support approach is essential.


The RMS Program powered by SME Lightning Protection and Earthing is designed around a comprehensive risk management, maintenance and support program which offers a preventative risk based approach to industries. Subsequent to the installation of any lightning protection or earthing systems, defects will occur caused by age, disconnections, severe weather events, structural and mechanical neglect, continuous civil work, forklift and heavy-vehicle activities and plant infrastructure changes etc.

Defects might not always be visible and therefore there is a significant risk that the integrity of the installed protection system could be compromised after a period of time.


The South African National Standards (SANS) provides guidelines in the interest of managing the risks associated with installations and possible lightning damage, which dictates that inspections should occur annually and in the case of hazardous plants every 6 months to ensure adequate risk and safety management.



Peace of mind, knowing that we have your risk management, maintenance and support covered.

•  Risk management, knowing that we provide detailed risk analysis focusing on the safety of your people, protection of the structures and equipment.

Confidence, knowing that you have a SABS ISO 9001:2015 certified company to support the safety management in your business.

Expertise, knowing that you have a leader in the industry with more than 35 years experience in lightning protection and earthing providing technical support to your business.

Protecting your people, knowing that with our support your people will work in a safe environment.

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SME receives Excellence Award from NOSA


NOSA, a global leader in safety, health and environmental (SHE) announced that SME KZN Richards Bay was the Winner in the NOSA Contractors System and awarded SME with an Excellence Award.


Well done to Charlie Maritz (Operations Manager) and Wayne Foord (Health and Safety Manager)


SME as the leading SABS 9001:2015 certified specialist in the field of lightning protection and earthing has always been committed to health and safety practices.

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