Risk Management Maintenance Support at the next level

SME Lightning Protection a trusted SABS - ISO9001:2015 certified industry specialist, proudly offers an innovating risk management, maintenance and support program called the RMS Program for Industries.

The lightning ground flash density clearly indicates the increasing risk of lightning strikes causing potential loss of life, damage to structures and equipment. The drastic impact of a potential lightning strike also further causes significant industry risks with safety incidents and investigations, production down-time and unplanned financial losses.


All industries are at risk of potential lightning strikes and indirect electrical damages and therefore a clear risk management, maintenance and support approach is essential.


The RMS Program powered by SME Lightning Protection and Earthing is designed around a comprehensive risk management, maintenance and support program which offers a preventative risk based approach to industries. Subsequent to the installation of any lightning protection or earthing systems, defects will occur caused by age, disconnections, severe weather events, structural and mechanical neglect, continuous civil work, forklift and heavy-vehicle activities and plant infrastructure changes etc.

Defects might not always be visible and therefore there is a significant risk that the integrity of the installed protection system could be compromised after a period of time.


The South African National Standards (SANS) provides guidelines in the interest of managing the risks associated with installations and possible lightning damage, which dictates that inspections should occur annually and in the case of hazardous plants every 6 months to ensure adequate risk and safety management.



Peace of mind, knowing that we have your risk management, maintenance and support covered.

•  Risk management, knowing that we provide detailed risk analysis focusing on the safety of your people, protection of the structures and equipment.

Confidence, knowing that you have a SABS ISO 9001:2015 certified company to support the safety management in your business.

Expertise, knowing that you have a leader in the industry with more than 35 years experience in lightning protection and earthing providing technical support to your business.

Protecting your people, knowing that with our support your people will work in a safe environment.

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SME Lightning Protection and Earthing
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The preferred SABS - ISO 9001:2015 specialist 

SME Lightning Protection and Earthing has become the first lightning protection specialist company in the industry to be certified by the SABS to comply with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standards.

In 2018, SME is celebrated 30 years of recognition by the SABS as a leading company in terms of compliance to International Quality Standards. 

SME has once again proved that the company is on a trajectory to lead the industry, not only from a technical expertise and experience point of view but also in terms of a trusted professional quality company deliver an exceptional high-level of service to our clients. 

"We are very proud to be the first SABS certified company in our industry, according to the

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standards. This recognition reflects the continuous hard work our team is putting in to evolve our systems and to ensure that we are continuously monitoring and improving our internal processes, ensuring quality installations and unmatched client service in the industry, which provides us with a real competitive difference. "

Stated Eduard Ferreira, Commercial and Financial Director.

The increasing demand for the SME Lightning Protection and Earthing's specialised services has propelled SME to evolve the business even further and faster to expand the operations to support our growing client base across Southern African countries including South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland, Zambia and Kenya.



Specialist Services
  • Plant-Wide Audits

  • Risk Assessments

  • Consulting & Design

  • Soil Resistivity Surveys

  • Earth Resistance Testing

  • Supply and Installations

  • Earth Grid Designs

  • 2D/3D CAD Design Drawings

Risk Management Maintenance Support

  • Risk Management

  • Annual plant audits

  • Maintenance and compliance support

  • Early warning LPS

Ancillary Services
  • Underground Services Detection
  • Earth Core Drilling

Why do we need lightning protection?

Advertorial by SME Lightning Protection featured in the August Construction Review

Lightning is one of nature's most powerful and destructive phenomena.

Lightning discharges contain significant amounts of electrical energy and have been measured from several thousand amps to over 200,000 amps - enough to light half a million 100 watt bulbs! Even though a lightning discharge is of a very short duration (typically 200 microseconds) it is a very real cause of damage and destruction.

The effects of a direct strike are obvious and immediately apparent - buildings damaged, trees blown apart, personal injuries and even death to humans. However, the secondary effects of lightning - the short duration, high voltage spikes called transient over voltages can, and do, cause equally catastrophic, if less visually obvious, damage to the electronic systems inside a building.
The most common form of lightning strike in South Africa is an indirect strike, meaning instead of striking a building directly, the lightning bolt will hit the ground or an external object and then find the easiest path down to earth via buried cables or water pipes. With the adequate lightning, earthing and surge protection in place damages caused by these strikes can be minimized or avoided.

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