Approximately 80% of damage caused to modern electronic systems can be directly related to the effects of transient over voltages, over currents and "noise" which can result from lightning, switching operations and many other sources of electrical disturbance.

Local environmental conditions, together with the extensive use of electronic equipment in this region, combine to make the risk of transient related damage amongst the highest in the world. As a result of this high risk, most Insurance Companies either totally exclude cover or charge heavy excesses to insure inadequately protected equipment against damage of this kind.

The comprehensive range of Transient Suppression or SPD's (Surge Protective Devices) have outstanding performance characteristics and have been designed to handle our very severe conditions. These devices fully comply with the most stringent local and international specifications.


Surge Protection - An Overview


Class I arrestors (lightning current arrestors)

The first protection stage is the lightning arrestor. They are installed as the highest capacity protective devices in the central power supply.


Class 2 Devices Surge Arresters

This product range comprises 1-channel and multi-channel surge protection arrestors acc. EN type 2 or IEC class II.


Combined Class1/Class 2 Devices

These arrestor combinations consist of lightning current arrestors and surge voltage arrestors acc. to EN type 1 and 2, as well as IEC class I and II, combined to form one module.


Class 3 Devices

This range of products are designed to be installed AT the equipment to be protected.These include devices for AC power which also have “Noise Filtration”, plus Low voltage devices for any PLC,or DCS System, 4-20ma, and digital circuitry, telephone systems,Telemetry systems, in short:If it is electrical, or electronic, we can protect it!

Our preferred products are Phoenix Contact, Northern Technologies SA & Dehn Guard.