Compliance with SANS - Standards


As a SABS-ISO 9001:2015 certified company, all specialist recommendations and technical protection solutions are based on the applicable South African National Standards (SANS code of practice) which are affiliated with the International IEC codes of practice, applicable to all countries who are committed to International Industry Standards.


SANS 10313:2018 Protection against lightning - Physical damage to structures and life hazard

SANS 10199:2016   The design and installation of an Earth Electrode

SANS 10089:2017   Electrical Installations and Earthing in Hazardous Areas

SANS 62561:2013    Lightning Protection System Components          

SANS 62305-1:2011 Protection against lightning

SANS 62305-2:2011 Risk Management

SANS 62305-3:2011 Physical damage to structures and life hazard

SANS 62305-4:2011 Electrical and electronic systems within structures




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