This is an area which has been sadly neglected over the years, mainly due to the fact, that earthing, once installed below ground, is invariably forgotten, until there is an accident, or worse, a death, in the workplace, due to degraded earthing systems.

The Occupational Health & Safety Act, is taking a much more serious look at this seemingly small aspect of plants, and factories, to ensure the safety of personnel.

In addition poor earthing can result in unnecessary damage to equipment, with subsequent loss of earnings due to down time.
SME offer an annual inspection or audit of the earthing and lightning protection systems in place, on any plant, factory, or other premises, and audit the systems in place in accordance with the relevant SABS code of practise(s).

The inspections will comprise testing of systems with proven calibrated test equipment, and visual inspection for mechanical damage. On completion, we will submit a full report of our findings, with recommendations for any remedial work necessary to bring the systems in line with requirements, and  issue certificates of compliance, where applicable.
We have many corporate clients on this system on an annual basis, and they are more than happy with the fact that they are confident that they have an up to date, efficient system(s) in place, with certificates for the Factory Inspectorate, as and when they arrive.

Fees vary dependant on size of plant, and distance from our base.




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